founders Brandon & Ilexis Anderson riding family horses Star & Deets


We’re the Andersons – founders of Branex Hay and Branex Feed & Supply!

For roughly the last decade-and-a-half we have been a trusted hay source on the Enumclaw plateau and in the surrounding areas of western Washington. More recently – in the Fall of 2022 – we opened a storefront in Enumclaw where we operate a full-service farm supply and feed store.

Our journey in the animal feed world was born from the love we have for our own animals, and a calling to help our friends and neighbors procure feed for theirs – and those driving forces remain as the reason why we do what we do, to this day.

Our goal when sourcing and dispersing hay and feed is to cater to the unique needs of each individual customer - whether they are seeking the highest quality, the best affordability, or somewhere in between. Our hope is that our local community and farms feel taken care of when it comes to feeding and caring for their animals.

THANK YOU to all who continue to trust us with your business - we are SO GLAD to have you along for the ride!