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Biting fleas are more than just a nuisance for your dog. Leftunchecked, they can cause serious disorders such as flea allergydermatitis, secondary skin infections, tapeworms, and even anemia.This topical flea treatment lets you stop fleas before they become aproblem. Used just once a month, it begins working in minutes,killing 98 to 100 percent of the fleas on dogs within 12 hours and 99percent of flea larvae and eggs within 20 minutes. The dead fleascan't lay eggs, and the dead larvae and eggs can't hatch, breakingthe flea's life cycle and halting the infestation in its tracks. Anynew fleas your dog then encounters are killed within two hours,preventing re-infestation for as long as four weeks. In fact,Advantage II is so effective at breaking the flea's life cyclethere's no need to treat your dog's environment. Applied before thestart of flea season, it helps keep your dog from becoming infestedin the first place. Used year-round, it prevents fleas fromover-wintering in your home to feast on your dog next season. Gentleenough for puppies as young as seven weeks, Advantage II iswater-resistant and continues to work while your dog swims or isbathed. The package includes four pre-measured doses for dogs 21-55pounds in easy-to-use applicator tubes. For safety, keep out of thereach of children, and read all warnings and instructions carefully.
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