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GEM Premier `green` Douglas Fir Shavings


Gem is the market leader in `green` Douglas Fir shavings. They are shavings planed from lumber that has not been dried. They typically have a moisture content of 20-25% (versus 12-16% kiln-dried shavings). They are a larger flake shaving, dust-free, extremely fragrant, soft and cushy, and horses LOVE them. They also do not break down into dust as kiln-dried shavings do under hoof traffic.

They are the preferred shaving at many high-end equestrian facilities in the western United States, Asia and the Middle East. They are the number 1 shaving when even low levels of dust are unacceptable. Some of the fastest horses in the world are bedded on our Douglas Fir shavings.  It is a favored bedding material at race tracks such as Santa Anita, Del Mar and major thoroughbred racing facilities in Asia and the Middle East.


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