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Naturally Free Organic Starter Feed for Chickens and Ducks is a Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified product. This product is both soy and corn-free!

As soon as your chicks and ducklings hatch, they will be hungry for feed that is formulated to provide them with the nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy. Our Naturally Free Organic Starter Feed for Chickens and Ducks is a special blend of cracked organic grains, organic flax meal, wild-caught fish meal, and necessary vitamins and minerals.

This Stage One feed provides baby chicks and ducklings with enough protein to jumpstart their growth without adding unnecessary stress to their bodies. Plenty of vitamins and minerals provide chicks and ducklings with nutrients they need for Stage One healthy development.

While some hatchery chicks receive vaccines to help them survive the conditions of large scale farming practices, our Naturally-Free Organic Starter Feed for Chickens and Ducks is medication-free. We believe providing a premium diet, a clean coop environment, and plenty of fresh air, sunshine, and room to roam, are the most important considerations for your flock’s longterm wellbeing.

Practicing Flock Management Best Practices will give your flock the best chance for a long and healthy, happy life. During Stage One we recommend Cluckin’ Good Chick Grit through eight weeks of age before transitioning your flock to Naturally Free Organic Grower Feed for Chickens and Ducks and Cluckin’ Good Grower Grit. And, for all stages, consider adding Cluckin’ Good Organic Herbs.

If you’re new to all this, give our Chick Starter Kit a try! One baby chick eats approximately six pounds of feed. This Stage One kit contains 10-lbs of feed, 7-lbs of grit, and 10-ozs of herbs – all the necessary feed, grit, and supplements you’ll need!  If you have a flock of six chickens you’ll need 35-lbs of feed to last eight weeks, so order an additional 25-lb bag of Naturally-Free Organic Starter Feed for Chickens and Ducks.

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